Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Newspapers + Math lessons + Online Collaboration

Three great resources for you to use in your classroom:

If you haven't added an RSS feed from Read.Write.Think to your Google Reader, now is the time to do it. Sponsored by The National Council of Teachers of English and The International Reading Association, this site is an online cornucopia of K-12 lessons. Each lesson connects to National standards, includes pdf links to the necessary handouts and tools and provides engaging strategies to hook the students.

Copy and past the url for this lesson
"Authentic Writing Experiences and Math Problem-Solving Using Shopping Lists", into your browser:

Teaching preK-8
This site also offers oodles of standards based, relevant & rigorous lessons. Check out these ideas for using the newspaper in your classroom.

Teachers Connecting

We are using technology more and more in our classrooms, but we need to be sure we aren't the only ones using it--we need to provide opportunities for students to use technology to find, create, and share ideas. This is a brand new site that invites teachers to connect with other teachers--around the world--and offers students this opportunity--to learn alongside and to share ideas with students electronically.

You can begin by searching the site for projects that other teachers are currently doing. If you find one that connects to your interests/classroom learning, you can contact that teacher, introduce the lessons/activities to your students and begin participating in the activity.

You might also post a project for others to join! Grade 4 teachers, imagine our students sharing their research on the plants and animals of Hawaii with students in Australia.

Take a peek: